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Our ingredients

In our view, there is a direct line from the grower in the fields to the diners in the restaurant. We buy at the source and regard our suppliers as our partners. We believe in shared supply chain responsibility.

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Our R&D

This is where gastronomy and our R&D meet.
We and our team of product developers and culinary advisors are committed to finding the chilled solutions of tomorrow!

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Your inspiration

We are inspired by culinary professionals working in gourmet kitchens and we love to share this inspiration with you.
Here are a few ideas from fellow chefs to use in your kitchen.

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Tuesday 29 November 2016

That’s how the Horeco Expo Ghent describes the largest comprehensive trade fair for the catering and hospitality industry and institutional food services. And that’s exactly the experience we had between 20 and 24 November 2016. Bresc was one of the more than 650 exhibitors at the fair, which welcomed over 50,000 professional visitors. The Expo Ghent, which allows scope for all sorts of high-quality, innovative and, more specifically, authentic players who operate in the highest levels of the catering and hospitality industry, guarantees visitors a unique experience. This year’s fair focused on good vibes in the industry: ‘it’s all about happiness’.

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Friday 11 November 2016

Bresc is always on the move; we aim to be the culinary inspirator for European gastronomy. We develop our chilled solutions specifically with our customers in mind and we work hard to constantly guarantee and improve our quality and technological processes. Our R&D and QESH departments play a crucial part in this, which is why these departments, as of November 2016, will be headed by a cross-sectoral manager of Development & Quality: Franka Bossers.

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Monday 07 November 2016

It is likely that when French chef Georges Pralus developed his sous vide technique – which translates literally as ‘under vacuum’ – in 1974, he never anticipated how popular it would still be in 2016. Sous vide is a method of cooking vacuum-packed products very slowly in a bath of hot water. 

The advantages of this technique include things like a longer storage life, the fact that the seasoned meat, fish or poultry has more time to absorb the flavours and that it saves time because much can be prepared well in advance.

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Chilled products - the modern kitchen’s choice

Bresc is your chilled garlic and herb specialist. 

According to our philosophy, fresh primarily means preserving the flavours. 

When we design our products, we are looking for:

Authentic flavours


Consistent quality 




Horecava 2017

9 - 12 January 2017

Amsterdam (NL)


15 - 17 January 2017

Nürnberg (DE)


17 - 21 March 2017

Hamburg (DE)