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Foodpairing is an innovative way of combining flavours of the products from all over the world, stimulating an 'out-of-the-box' mentality. This tool is based on the premise that as products consist of very many flavour molecules, each has its own profile. The molecules are analysed scientifically to determine the profile. The more a profile resembles the profile of another product, the better the match. Foodpairing trees are used to reveal the similarities and combinations of products. The closer the products are to the centre, the better the combination.

In addition to the chopped garlic, the roasted garlic, the black garlic and the standard garlic puree are also the thai red curry, the tikka masala, the madras curry, the red chilli-, the ginger, the lemon grass, the pepper- and the horseradish puree already included in this database. Inspired by the Foodpairing Tree, professionals can search for the right proportions and create their own signatures for their dishes. For inspiration and creation, please visit www.foodpairing.com. 

Garlic puree tree

Chopped garlic tree

Black garlic tree

Roasted garlic tree

Thai red curry

Tikka masala

Madras curry

Red chilli puree

Ginger puree tree

Lemongrass puree tree

Grilled bell pepper puree tree

Horseradish puree tree