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Three cheers for the Riverland Smokers!

Thursday 23 August 2018

Bresc would like to congratulate the Riverland Smokers on winning the title of “Dutch Champion of Culinary Barbecues”. We are exceptionally proud of the team and the fact that several Bresc products were worked into the dishes. Bresc offers a good basis for any dish!

The Riverland Smokers include a number of Bresc’s employees: the team is captained by Dik Hommersom, who is joined by our culinary advisor Bart Brummans and Henk Hommersom from the technical department. The other members of the team are Maurice Mulder, Nancy Buskens, Johan de Koning, Elly Hommersom, Ruben Hommersom, Silbert de Koning and Thomas van Beek, so it’s a team brimming with zeal and enthusiasm!

Dik Hommersom, the team captain, explains: “We start weeks in advance by thinking up dishes. The categories are announced a few weeks before the tournament. We plan a team session where Bart Brummans kicks off with possible dishes. Then, there’s some splendid interplay – we simply inspire each other. Eventually, we can make the final choices which we presented at the tournament.”

The chicken dish drew plenty of praise. “We’re proudest of the farmhouse chicken. We used a marinade we’d created ourselves from composite Bresc products. It does really well at KCBS tournaments and it’s the dish that won us first place at the Dutch championships.”

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