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Our range

Bresc is the specialist in chilled garlic and herb products with a focus on the European gourmet food market. When we design our products, we look for pure, authentic flavours, optimal convenience and consistent quality. For inspiration for our product development, we look to the trends in gourmet food and apply them to our chilled solutions for culinary professionals. We love to entertain our users as guests! We are always on the lookout for new flavour sensations and concepts in gastronomy and in traditional cuisines from all over the world. Bresc is an extension of your own kitchen. 

We turn pure, authentic flavours into extremely convenient products so that our users can speed up the processes in their own kitchens. Our range varies from single purees and coarsely chopped ingredients to authentic herb and spice mélanges and ready-to-use solutions aimed at the European gourmet food market. Our chilled garlic and herb products are packaged in re-sealable pots of varying sizes and will stay fresh for a long time if refrigerated even once they have been opened.

Clean label

Bresc’s definition of a clean label is: a product with no E numbers. That means we face the challenge of making sure our ingredients still have the same taste, quality, characteristics and safety in clean-label products. And that’s why we supply clean-label products as customised articles, because we discuss them in great detail with our customers.

We do not use artificial aromas, colourings or flavourings.

Our products are kept in the refrigeration section and have a long shelf-life and for that, we need E numbers for a safe product with a long best-before date, even once it’s been opened. Our product development works with a “green list” and a “black list” for E-numbers, which we think should only be used in our products for a definite purpose. Download the green list here.

Our range

Product specifications

We work with the online platform PS in foodservice so that we can provide culinary professionals more efficiently with better information about our products. The whole of Bresc’s gastronomic range has been incorporated into the platform and can be found in our own Foodbook.

PS in foodservice is the central hub for all product information. PS in foodservice shares Bresc’s mission to make transparent product information available to everyone who works in the food chain.

Click the button for a full list of all our product specifications at PS in foodservice.