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Introducing the new products in our range!

Thursday 07 February 2019

Today sees the launch of six new products for the Bresc range – five products that have been specifically created in response to the latest food trends. These newcomers to our range all fit in well with the demands of modern gastronomy.

Read more about our new products:

- Freshly Chopped: Once the fresh ingredients for these products have been peeled, washed and chopped, we quickly put them in sunflower oil to preserve them, so they keep the crisp structure of a freshly chopped onion, shallot or garlic as well as their flavour! As a result, these products are very practical in cold dishes, such as dressings or salads as well as being extremely suitable for hot dishes such as stir-fries and stews.

- Ready to use tapenades, Greek Olives: Greece is famous for its olives. Halkidi olives come from the Chalkidiki region in the north east of Greece We added a finely chopped, small red pepper to our Green Olive Tapenade (Halkidiki) to give a surprising but subtle piquancy. The deep purple coloured Kalamata olives find their origin in the region Peloponnesos. Because black olives are riper than green olives, they do not need to be pickled as long as the green ones, so they are not as salty. We wanted to keep our tapenades vegetarian, so we have enriched this tapenade with Wakamé, by which we mean; seaweed. It produces the umami effect in our tapenade.

- We’re adding a new culinary garlic speciality to our range in addition to our Roast Garlic, Black Garlic and Organic Garlic: smoked garlic puree! Traditionally, garlic was only smoked in the Northern French garlic region of La Drôme. With smoking the garlic, the garlic had a longer shelf life. After a while, people started to like the smoky flavour and the garlic was smoked for culinary purposes. Smoked garlic, when added to a dish, produces a piquant, savoury, somewhat meaty taste and enhances the flavour of the dish. It’s a great addition to our Produits Culinaires range.


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